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What to Expect from Your First-Time Dental Visit?

Ready for your visit to the dentist? Whether it’s your first time visiting a new dentist, or you just haven’t been in a while, here’s what you can expect from your first dentist appointment.

Unless another dentist office has shared your dental records, your first dental appointment will almost certainly include new X-rays. Bitewing X-rays are taken and used to detect tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, bone loss, and infection, while panoramic X-rays (sometimes referred to as “pan”) are used to check for impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, tumors and more. For your protection, you’ll be fitted with a lead or lead-free apron to reduce radiation exposure. Some dental offices (like Vela Saenz Family Dentistry) use more advanced digital X-rays, which reduce radiation up to 90 percent.
If this is your first dental appointment in a while, or you’re seeing a new dentist, chances are your visit will involve a comprehensive dental exam. During the exam, your dentist will inspect your teeth and mouth for any potential problems, including signs of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease (commonly known as gum disease). He or she will also talk with you about any problems you’ve been experiencing, such as toothaches, sensitivity, or cosmetic concerns.
Following your dental exam, you may also have a dental cleaning (known as a dental prophylaxis). Typically scheduled every six months, cleanings are important for achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. During the cleaning, a licensed dental hygienist will remove, or “scale”, accumulated dental plaque from the outside of your teeth using special instruments. He or she will also polish your teeth with a special polishing past, typically flavored for a “minty fresh” clean.
Based on your treatment plan and the office’s schedule, your first visit to the dentist may also involve other common dental procedures, such as tooth fillings or cosmetic treatments like a teeth whitening.
Following your appointment, you’ll meet with the administrative staff regarding payment and scheduling of your regular cleanings and any necessary procedures outlined in your treatment plan. If you have dental insurance, the dental staff will work with you and your insurer to determine whether your visit is partially or fully covered.
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Dental Plan

The Vela Saenz Dental Plan

Your entire family is eligible

  • Individual $99
  • Couple $169
  • Family of 4 $269

    (Each additional family member $99)

*Patients 13 years old and above are considered adults.
*2 free cleanings/year in the absence of periodontal disease.
*Calendar year dental plan.

Any procedure not listed on the Vela Saenz Dental Plan is available at the affiliated dentists usual and customary fee less a 20% discount this includes all lab fees. All fees included in the Schedule of Dental Fees require payment at the time service. The member may negotiate payment terms with the Dental Practice CEO Mr. Abelardo Saenz and/or the office manager, however, an additional charge may be added for payment terms. Fees do not apply to any treatment referred to a specialist.
Disclosures: This plan is NOT Insurance and is not intended to replace insurance. This plan is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The plan provides discounts at Vela-Saenz Family Dentistry for dental services. The plan is discount membership program offered by Vela Saenz Family Dentistry. Vela Saenz Family Dentistry is not licensed insurer, health maintenance organization or any other underwriter of health care or dental services. You will receive discounts for dental services and are obligated to pay for provided dental services at time of your appointment. Savings are based up Vela Saenz Family Dentistry normal and customary fees. Savings will vary depending upon specific services and/or products provided. Prices are subject to change without notice. This plan does not discount all procedures.

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Epic Giiz
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I love this place. Staff is very attentive and professional. Deyanira is one of the best dentist here in the valley. She has taken care of my 3 children for many years. I recommend this dentist 100%.
Audrey Arce
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Overall great place in and out all the time! Appointments always on time. Great staff
Patricia Orozco
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Great Dentist, my kiddos love this place they always look forward to their dentist appointments, I like how they offer same day treatment. and Everyone is Friendly and always in a great mood. THE BEST 🙂

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